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Автор: Valery F. Bobrov   
28.01.2012 13:52

wakeupWake-Up! - "Who will get up, will have a QRP with luck" :-)

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 STORIES: 2010

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Country: Russia
Founder: RU-QRP Club
Date: 1'st Saturday of March, June, September, December
06:00 - 08:00 UTC
4 periods:
06:00 - 06:29 UTC
06:30 - 06:59 UTC
07:00 - 07:29 UTC
07:30 - 08:00 UTC
Participants: all licensed amateurs
Power: no more than 5 Watt output
Bands: 40 & 20 m, near QRP frequencies
Modes: CW

General set-off amongst all participants.

Exchange - Real RST, incremental QSO number starting from 001 (through all periods), previous station's SUFFIX ('QRP' for the first QSO). Example: '579 006 XXX'.

"Sprint" rules are observed. After a complete QSO the "frequency owner" must perform QSY, it's not allowed to stay on particular frequency forever.
Points - 1 point for 1 kilometer in distance between stations (calculated by judge with the contest arbitration software using WW-locators). Duplicate QSOs are allowed in different periods or in the same period but on other band.
Multiplier- Each new station on each new band will gives you a 1 point to multiplier.
Final result  - Multiply total points count by total multipliers count. Calculated by judges.
Logs - Attach your log in Cabrillo format named as call.cbr or call.log or call.txt and send it via e-mail. Write down your callsign in the subject field. By sending your log, it's assuming that you are confirm this contest rules. Signed declaration is not needed. In the log header include your callsign, WW-locator, name, post-office address, e-mail address, your RIGs information: power, TRX, antennas, your additional comments (if any). This information could also be duplicated in the message body.
Logs send deadline: 7 days after the Sprint.
Send your log to: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript
Prizes  - All participants will get an electronic certificates with information like season, place in the rating table and the final score. After all 4 season's contests: spring, summer, autumn, winter, three leaders taking 1'st, 2'nd & 3'rd place who are RU-QRP members, will be awarded with plaques.
ATTENTION: Participants exchange with real RST. Please be attentive in the air and during logs writing!
CREATED-BY: AATest v.1.103
NAME: Stepan
SOAPBOX: Rig: KX3, Ant LW 80m
QSO: 14000 CW 2014-12-06 0712 RA1M 579 001 QRP RU3UW  599 015 AFT
QSO: 14000 CW 2014-12-06 0714 RA1M 569 002 UW  UA4NU  559 030 AFT
QSO: 14000 CW 2014-12-06 0716 RA1M 559 003 NU  UR5LAM 459 023 DX
QSO: 14000 CW 2014-12-06 0721 RA1M 449 004 LAM UA1AFT 369 054 FY
QSO: 14000 CW 2014-12-06 0726 RA1M 579 005 AFT UA4WEF 589 048 UW
QSO: 14000 CW 2014-12-06 0729 RA1M 599 006 WEF RU3FB  579 043 AFT

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