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Автор: Valery F. Bobrov   
27.06.2012 09:55
см. русский вариант: http://qrp.ru/contest/52-tutorial/351-aatest-rw3ai-rus

Many radio amateurs are deterred by the need for a proper report after contests. This is actually very simple, easy and even fun.

You need to log onto http://www.dxsoft.com/en/products/aalog_contest/
Distributions will be on bottom of the page, click on the USA1 and USA2 (no difference) and download this free software onto your computer.
Create a new folder in any convenient place and call it what you want, (I named it AAtest) then unzip the program into it. The program is immediately ready for use. Also, you will see a file AAtest_EN.doc in the same folder as the program files; this is the author’s instructions, which is useful to read.

Now I will tell you how to use the program itself.

Run the file AAtest2.exe - the control panel and different windows appears on the screen.
Set them by mouse as you feel comfortable. Go to Config -> Station this opens Station configuration and enter your callsign in the cell. Callsign -> Save. Go Files -> Open contest file and here it will open the computer’s window - "where and what" you want to open. Choose your folder where AAtest program is located and name the new file like the name of the contest. It will be clear and you won’t lose it. For example, I want to work in the contest SAC - I’m going to save it in the folder AAtest (where my program is), name this file sac. The program will form sac.aat file, where the data will be collected. It is only for your information.

You’ll see at the top on a blue background AAtest call AA DX contest
Do not pay attention, it’s just the program jumped to the first line of the list, as it should do. Come back Config -> Contest, contests list open, choose which one you need -> Select. If there is no name of contest that you want to work in the program contests list, don’t panic. Choose one similar with the same format of rules and exchange numbers. Also you can chose Custom contest. It’s universal type for any contests. This type allows for a contest where there are many short tours with durations of 5-10-15-20-30-60 minutes, or no tours at all. If you select it, there will appear an additional window Contest tour length, where you need to set selected length of the tour, set Exchange type and also set Serial number or fixed value. If you set Fixed value go to Config -> Station -> User exchange and write your constant contest number. Example as in sending zone number, age, club’s number and etc. instead of serial number.

The program is ready to work on the air in real time.
For writing a report after the contest you should mark Config-> Post contest mode. Then you need to insert the date and time by yourself.

Explanation of the program windows.
The main window is the New QSO. You will type received callsign and received contest number. Program enters your contest number by itself. This may be a serial number of QSO. Some contests always have a constant control number (area, age and etc.) You have to enter it in Config -> Station and set in User exchange. In New QSO you can switch mode and band with the mouse. When you type in received callsign and his contest number, you can press Enter or click on the button Save. The window New QSO cleared, and QSO will appear in the Contest QSO list. If you click it on this QSO line, the Edit QSO window will then open where you can edit it as you want and in any setting. It is very handy when in the course of the contest should you need to correct an entry. There is a window Calls, where the callsigns appear of active world contesters that have two or more letters, digits in his callsigns in the order which you write. Also, those who have already worked. If it is coloured in blue - that is you already worked with, but the QSO with him in this band or this type of modulation is valid. If it coloured red - it means that it is dupe QSO. When you will write “blue” or “red” callsign in New QSO and move the cursor in cell received numbers, in the window Previous QSO will appear lines of the previous QSO with this callsign. And so it is possible to click on them and to get Edit QSO.

In the Contest statistic you can see how the process goes on. How many and where qso, what multiplier, number of new callsigns. Rating - how many qso per 10 minutes and how many qso per hour.

You have fulfilled the test in real time, or filled in the program after the contest.

Now you need to do a report. First of all, prepare a place where it will be stored. I made up in the computer special folder, named it current year. I create other folders with the names of contests in it. And I put the reports in those folders. In the fact, all report files have the same name, for example rw3ai.cbr (or rw3ai.log), that are always easy to find. Create a report by a click of the mouse on the Reports -> Cabrillo. Fill the head or not to end, you can edit it later, click Generate, a window with your report will appear. You will see Report preview at the top of a sign as a floppy disk, click on it, there will opens computer screen, "what and where to put" search for a pre-created folder with the name of the contest and put the file there is a report type rw3ai.cbr an ordinary text file. Open it with any simple text editor and edit the head for the version that requires organizers.

Now, preparing e-mail in your mailer. Write the address to send reports. In the subject write only your call sign. Attach the report file and send. Then wait for the confirmation.

When it is time to use this module for another test, do the following:

I do not use Clear log. My advice  is - Not use the  Files -> Clear log.
It is advisable to run the program again, switch off and switch on. Don’t pay attention to the fact that the program is filled with QSOs from the previous contest. Before the next contests click Files -> Open contest file, here opens a window "where and what we open." Call the file name similar to the name of the next contest and put into the same folder where the module itself (which will not be lost) The program will automatically reset AA DX contest and cleaned. It remains to Config -> Contest and select the contest from the list.


  1. Do not deviate from the correct start of the program.
  2. In your program files will remain .aat called contests, and store all the information about connections.
At any time you can click Files -> Open contest file and open .aat file from any of the last contest (for example cqwwcw.aat or sac.aat if we are nicknamed them so). The program is filled with this data. You can continue to do what you want. Check out the report again, or make adif and etc. In general, that would be a small archive of previous contest file in the folder AAtest module
The program still has all sorts of additional features. You can make a simple report; it may be useful for your scoring in the non-standard tests. Sometimes these reports are requested. You can create a total list too. In recent years, this type of reporting is needed less and less. Basically Cabrillo. You can make adif file, to download links to the regular log or eQSL.

It is possible for QRP contests in New QSO window to make additional cells for the real RST (usually by default, the program enters RST 599 or RS 59). To do this, Config-> Properties-> General put a set in Display RST fields in the "New QSO" window.

The program can connect to the DX clusterr; Make a Config-> Properties-> Internet features. Set Use Internal telnet client, in the Server box and write address. Remove a set in the Enable every hour score reporting (generally it is better to remove, otherwise the program will be trying to transfer your current result every hour), the cell Score report URL is empty. Click the button 7 - Cluster, press Connect, connect string is responding to a question Send command Enter. Disconnected from a cluster, click Disconnect. In the Properties you can choose colours and fonts in Font and colors settings.

You can use CAT connection. You have to have OmniRig on your computer, connect computer with your Radio, choose your rig by Config-> OmniRig setting and put sign on Use OmniRig for TRX communication.


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